CloverOS GNU/Linux

CloverOS GNU/Linux is a performance tuned minimal Gentoo Linux installation intended to be easy to use and out of the box. Packages are built with Ofast/LTO/Graphite when possible. It uses FVWM/dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant by default and gives you the option to install and load any DE/WM on boot via ~/.bash_profile Systemd and Pulseaudio not included.

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Why CloverOS?

Gentoo Linux, untouched

CloverOS is an as default as possible Gentoo install with all configuration done in /etc/portage/make.conf and the user's home folder.

No bloat and easy to use

A CloverOS install gets a desktop up and running with no hassle. Its desktop uses Xorg, FVWM, OpenRC, dhcpcd, xbindkeys, wpa_supplicant, ALSA and Infinality.

No package politics

The CloverOS binhost allows you to emerge packages not included on many other distros such as xonotic, rpcs3, citra, pcsx2, MAME, ppsspp, dwarf-fortress, urbanterror, i3-gaps, fonts, sound tools, and more. Just type sudo emerge [package]

“Get outta my way!”

- Natural response to using a Linux distro nowadays




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